Friday, July 28, 2017

One Week: Off to a Great Start

I had hip arthroscopy a little over a week ago on my right hip to address impingement and repair a labral tear.  My left hip was surgically repaired a year ago. I posted weekly, then monthly after the surgery on my left hip a year ago and found it helped me track progress over time, so am hoping to post how things are going with recovery from surgery on my right hip this year. Surgery was July 18, so I am a little over a week post-op, but things have been crazy and in transition, no time for anything except essentials, and often no internet access, so this post is late.

I am doing incredibly well--much better than I expected!  I was pretty independent from the start this time. I was off the narcotic pain medication just a couple of days post op, started PT and stationary bike the day after surgery.  Rehab exercises are going well, and already maxed out on limits for the bike for this early. I was in the pool at 5 days post-op (mostly just hanging out in deep water, but a little gentle range of motion work in the safe ranges PT already had me doing, a tiny bit of breaststroke no kick at all.  It went well and gave my entire body a break from crutches.  Tried again a couple of days later at one week post-op and did more swimming, but still arms only--this time both breaststroke and freestyle.  It felt amazing to be able to move, to unweight my body, give my left hip a break, both shoulders a break.  Water gives me a reprieve from all of the usual chronic pain as well, so it was nice even to just hang out in deep water.  (Surgeon and PT cleared me to be in water this early and I have waterproof bandages.)

One week post-op: preparing to go swimming again!

I am so grateful and relieved to be doing so well.  I am not getting overly confident, but still being careful and cautious.  I know last time that flares happened, so no matter how well I feel, I am choosing to rest, take things slowly, not push limits.  With everything else going on right now, I sort of needed this recovery to go well, but those other issues also make it easier to undermine recovery if not careful.  There have been a few nights of less thane optimal amount of sleep, I also did help with some of the tasks needing done. Then more travel on top of that.  But, still doing well.

I am still using the theme from last year for this year.  This is not a race to see how fast I can recover, but a journey to see how well I can recover.  It is worth it to give my body the time and support it needs to heal and recover well.

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